New video for Dolby directed by Michał Misiński

18 October, 2019

Michał Misiński directed a promotional campaign spot for Dolby Vision – a technology that offers the pioneer standards of vision. The campaign was done in collaboration with Alexander Semenov – a marine biologist and one of the best deep-sea photographers in the world. The Dolby technology was presented in this 4-minute length video by showing Alexander’s everyday work and its effects.

“Thanks to the combination of the documentary scenes, in which our character is getting ready for work, with some real footage of the sea creatures, we were able to capture not only the world that we see every day, but also the one that is a little bit magical, unreal, hidden under the surface of the ocean. Alex has in himself the qualities of a scientist and an artist and his persona is a great reflection of what Dolby represents” – says the director, Michał Misiński

The Polish company Juice was responsible for the postproduction of image and sound. The video was shot in Poland and the campaign is aimed at the American market.