Kuba Kossak in bluebird artists!

7 July, 2021

In the beginning of summer bluebird artists is joined by Kuba Kossak – director and DoP with a big experience in the beauty commercials field. His productions keep a high, international standard and the list of his clients is still growing.

Despite his musical education, along with artistic development Kuba soon realised that it is picture, not sound, that’s his real calling. During his 15-years long adventure in filmmaking he has worked as a director, DoP and editor. Thanks to musical education and a natural passion to find harmony in art Kuba became particularly appreciated in the beauty industry.
Kuba worked for such brands as H&M Beauty, W.Kruk, YES, L’Oreal, Vistula, MOHITO, Bohobocco. Kuba treats working with each actor or model as a new challenge that demands a different light and camera work. That is why each film he makes is unique.
Outside the advertising industry Kuba makes interdisciplinary projects combining both picture and sound in collaboration with many artists from Polish and international music scene. His feature debut as a DoP – Greek film „O Heimonas” – was premiered in 2013.