Mirek Stanlej Stanek



Director and DoP with many years of experience in film, commercials and music video production.

In 2017 he became a finalist of Papaya Young Directors contest and his project was awarded for the best cinematography

He is an author of many documentary projects focusing on extreme sports, skateboarding and independent music. He directed and wrote two feature films about skateboarding: „Jego Śmiertnik” and „Pogo – Odrzut”. He made his own TV documentary called „Music Above The City” and music videos for artists like Damian Syjonfam or Taraban.

Mirek is always searching for an inspiration in the street life, while making and planning new projects. Everytime he tries to capture what’s most humane, honest and real. He often uses material shot stealthily, while the character does not realise he is being filmed. The day of the shoot is like a holiday for him, so he values good atmosphere on set. He perceives film as a collective work and each production is a common project of everyone involved. 

In commercials he worked with such brands as YOPE, BP2, Acuvue, Brita and Wiśniowski.