Alan Willmann



Graduate of University of the Arts in Poznań and Institute of Creative Photography in Opava. 

He has over 10 years of experience in advertising photography. In his spare time, he works on artistic and documentary projects devoted to cultural issues from all over the world. 

For over 5 years now, he has ventured into the world of film and directing, where he draws inspiration from both his documentary experience and the aesthetics of advertising. 

Alan has shot music videos for such artists as: Taco Hemingway, Natalia Przybysz, Mrozu, Otsochodzi, Flirtini, Coals. 

He has also cooperated with many different Clients, including: Huawei, PUMA, Johnson&Johnson, PKO, ING, Adidas, Converse, Łomża, Tyskie, BRW, Manhattan, T-Mobile,