Music video promoting the jubilee edition of Męskie Granie directed by Alan Willmann is out

3 June, 2019

For the past 10 years Męskie Granie has been one of the most anticipated events in Polish music industry, just as much as the premiere of the single promoting the whole tour. This year the line-up of the orchestra has been a secret for a very long time, and the fans waited impatiently to know who will they see on the Ż stage. This premiere was even more important for bluebird artists, because the music video to the single promoting the tenth edition was directed by Alan Willmann.

The Męskie Granie anthem from last year – “Początek”, written by Krzysztof Zalewski and performed by him, along with Dawid Podsiadło and Kortez, has immediately become a hit song and the video has already have more than 80 millions views on YouTube and many awards and nominations. Therefore, the bar was set very high, as much as were the expectations.

The music video to the song “Sobie i Wam” written by Katarzyna Nosowska was shot using the Motion Control technique which allows to multiply the characters and even the whole set in one long camera motion. Thanks to this procedure the viewer meets the artists performing in the clip gradually and sees them in a different position every time. The set design is very minimalistic and consists of mobile geometric shapes and platforms in the industrial space.

This year, the artists leading Męskie Granie orchestra are: Organek, Krzysztof Zalewski, Katarzyna Nosowska – the tour art director and Igor Walaszek who is mainly known as a half of the duo Bass Astral x Igo who have stolen the hearts of the audience last summer by giving amazing concerts, including the one during the tour finale in Żywiec in 2018. Aside from them few stars known from the previous editions made their appearance, such as OSTR, Wojciech Waglewski, Smolik and Brodka. The song was composed by Katarzyna Nosowska and Marcin Macuk