Marcin Mikulski joins bluebird artists

8 May, 2020

We never stop searching for new, promising talents. As for now we are representing nineteen artists including directors, DoPs, costume designers, set designers, make up artist, food stylist and photographers. Today our agency officially welcomes another director:  – Marcin Mikulski.

Marcin graduated from Wajda Film School and Scuola Internazionale di Cinema e Televisione in Rome. For the last few years, he’s been directing commercials, music videos and short forms. His latest short film “Marcel” produced by Studio Munka have won a Special Jury Prize at a Polish Film Festival in Gdynia as well as a Grand Prix at WAMA Film Festival and Summer with Muses. He directed commercials for clients like ING, Lubella, Almette, Lech Pils, Sante, Lajkonik or Lidl. Currently he is working on his feature debut.

Marcin Mikulski | Director showreel from bluebird artists on Vimeo.

He likes to bring laughter and tears to his audience. He creates his own world that’s a little bit out of touch with reality. Marcin always gives his characters one more chance. He likes happy endings and cries at movies. He is inspired by talents as Roy Anderson, Noah Baumbach or Alexander Payne.