Patrycja Piróg




Patrycja Piróg is a graduate of Łódź Film School, where she studied film editing and had an opportunity to learn from the best. She is fascinated with telling a story within short forms, however she feels confident working both on TV commercials and feature or documentary films.

 She has been collaborating on projects for Clients like: Huawei, Vogue, Puma, Desperados, McDonald’s, Adidas, Allegro, Renault, Netflix or Eurobank. Her works are gaining recognition on several festivals and contests: KTR, PYD, Video of the Day VOTD, Vimeo Staff Picks, Berlin Music Video Awards, PL Music Video Awards, The Smalls Short Film Festival (London), Long Story Short Film Festival or Polish Film Festival in Gdynia.

Her feature debut “Songs about love” won the Microbudget Film Competition at Gdynia Film Festival in 2021. She also edited “the Peasants” directed by Dorota Kobiela which will be premiered in 2022.

 Patrycja loves music and this is why she finds herself perfectly in rhythmic music video editing for Polish and international artists (Quebonafide, Brodka, Otsochodzi, Męskie Granie, Lomboy, Judah Warsky, Catastrophe). She is the biggest fan of Beata Kozidrak and her dreams came true when the singer invited her for collaboration on two of her projects.

 She has her own editing room, however she often edits remotely or right there on the set. She is versatile and elastic and she believes that playing with convention and time is the best advantage of her job.

She finds empathy, feelings, narrative intelligence, rhythm and emotion, experiment and consistency and dialogue with the director most important in editing.

 Currently Patrycja is preparing for her feature debut.