Krzysztof Kujawski




Filmmaking for Krzysztof is not only a job, but also a chance for constant development and adventure. As a child he appeared in several movies and theatre plays getting to know the hardships and challenges of being an actor. Today he mostly works as a director and camera operator, often combining these two roles. In order to achieve the desired effect he can shoot while rollerblading or flying a drone, he wouldn’t hesitate to build a set design that is supposed to explode spectacularly. Even when cooking, Krzysztof takes half of one recipe, the other half from a different one and puts them together to see what happens. If someone is ever going to ever surprise us with literally anything, it will be Krzysztof.

“I work on the project the moment I get the brief. I sleep, eat, take shower and do home chores with it.” Krzysztof says there is no such thing as a “non-cool” project. Making an edgy fashion video gives him as much joy as working on an ad for an agro industry. He loves challenges, especially creating content that is aimed at the viewers who don’t necessarily share his lifestyle. It makes him dive into different environments, perspectives and style. And he loves that!

He has worked for brands like: Orlen, Mitsubishi, Xiaomi, H&S, BNP Paribas, Smakowita, CUK, LPP, Diverse, Maybelline, Matrix, Ryłko.