Kacper Zięba




Alumni of Łódź Film School; since graduation almost every day on the set.

He has made several short films, music videos, dozens of TV commercials and one full-length experimental film “VARIA”. He has worked for such brands as: myTAXI, SISU, LIDL, KONSIMO, Oknoplast.

Kacper is a good people person. He is calm and organized on the set and always tries to have a plan B. He enjoys a documentary style of camerawork and experimenting with natural light, composition and movement, so that they could be used in a way which best reflects the story. 

He draws inspiration from observing the world around him, both nature and culture: contemporary art, design, conversations with people. He loves transitional states between seasons. He has been fascinated by sunrises and sunsets since he was a child.

In addition to filming, sports are one of his passions. He travels frequently and holds dear his relationships with people close to him.