Jakub Hajduk




Director and DoP specialising in tabletop productions and food films.

Jakub was born in Warsaw, where he graduated in computer science and photography. However, it soon turned out that being an IT specialist is not what he would like to do in his life. He decided to focus on his main passions, i.e. film and photography.

More than 10 years ago, he started taking advertising photos professionally. About 6 years ago he started to work in film. Initially, he worked as a cinematographer, but his innate curiosity and constant desire for development pushed him towards directing.

In addition to food films, he also feels comfortable in beauty and cosmetics commercials. His skills prove useful wherever advanced technical solutions and attention to every detail are needed. To emphasize the attractiveness of his films, he often uses motion control and high-speed cameras. One might say that he has already mastered this. In making movies, he enjoys telling stories in an unusual and surprising way. Moreover, finding beauty in something as prosaic as food is fascinating for him. It lingers, hidden in its textures, shapes and colors waiting to be discovered.

So far, he has worked for clients such as: Biedronka, Orlen, E. Wedel, Tarczyński, Ludwig Schokolade, D’Alchemy, AVON, DOVE.