Dorota Miko & Tom Miko

dir/dop duo



Dorota Miko and Tom Miko, also known as Follow the Rabbit, are a director / DoP duo. Together they made numerous music videos, fashion campaigns and commercials. They also feel comfortable in documentary forms and socially angaged projects. They are authors of a memorable film „Listen to Me” for Viva! Vegetarians International Voice for Animals.

Dorota and Tom as a duo directed and shot music videos for such artists as Bovska, Clock Machine, Bitamina, Linia Nocna, Stach Bukowski, Pola Chobot & Adam Baran, Tappahall. “Lew” – a music video they made for Stach Bukowski was nominated for an award in PL Music Video Awards. In commercials they worked for such brands as Castorama, BMW, HP, BNP Paribas Bank, Amazon, and more. They also created campaigns for many fashion brands in Poland as well as abroad.

Dorota studied psychology at the University of Wrocław. Tom graduated from the directing department at Wrocław Film School, where he learned editing from Witold Chomiński.

Their works stand out for their poetic aesthetic. Dorota, as a director, is inspired by the fragments of reality, subtle nuances hidden in every movement or the lack of it. Her cinematic and photographic stories are very sensitive, introspectiveand characterized by humanistic approach. They both make their best to create visual worlds that will stimulate senses and transfer the viewers to unobvious and mysterious places.