Aleksander Kropidłowski




Director of commercials and music videos educated in both informatic and artistic fields. He worked as a designer in an ad agency and as an independent video editor.

In his commercial portfolio he’s got projects for such clients as Red Bull, Kazar, Carrefour, Ballantines, Philips, Žatecky, and Soraya. He also made several music videos for artists known from the first pages of magazines as well as the independent musicians. He cooperated with Alicja Majewska, Funkasanki and Ania Leon to name a few, and his video for Pale Path – Enemy won in Rock and Heavy Sounds Category at PL Music Video Awards 2019.

In synthesis he perceives the power of the director’s creativity, that’s why he connects various fields. In his projects, a strong visual perspectives from directing music and fashion videos blends with authenticity and casting skills from documentary experience. In every commercial production he combines various and often contrasting elements into a resonating story.