Adam Duraj



Director and cinematographer with many years of multidisciplinary experience. He started as a photographer, but after a long adventure with static images, something began to be missing. Curiosity about the world, interest in cinema and the desire for constant development pushed him towards directing. In the very first year, he won the first prize in the international competition for filmmakers – the Panasonic DVX200 Contest in the sports category for his film: “Whistle in the Dark.”

For almost a decade he has been involved in creating audiovisual materials for many well-known brands such as Reserved, Vogue Polska, CCC, Mohito, Apart, Rage Age, Tymbark and music labels Sony Music Polska and Asfalt Records. He has directed music videos for Polish artists and bands: Lordofon, Rubens, Julia Rocka and others.

As a filmmaker, he is very open to new forms of media and is not afraid of vertical film forms in which he seeks unorthodox solutions. He successfully mixes analog and digital material and enjoys experimenting with images. In his productions, he focuses on all the details, carefully refining each scene in terms of visuals and content. In addition to emotion, he also looks for innovative compositions, geometry and repeated textures. He loves teamwork.