A feature documentary partly shot by Paweł Labe enters the Oscar run for 2020

20 November, 2019

A list of 159 documentaries that are submitted for 2019 Oscar race has been announced on 13th of November and a film in which Paweł Labe worked as a camera operator is among them.

“My Home India” is a documentary feature directed by Anjali Bhushan, which revisits Indian people contribution in easing the Polish refugee crisis of the late 1930s. The film focuses especially on Kira Banasinska, wife of the Polish Consul General who spearheaded the operations aiming at providing a safe shelters for Poles in India.

A film is in co-production with Film Polska, and its Executive Producer is Pravesh Sippy. It was shot both in Poland and India, a Paweł Labe was a DoP of the Polish part.