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Bluebird means passion, fresh perspective, talent and experience.

We are an artists management agency. Our artistic collective consists of experienced filmmakers and young talents.

Our recipe is to combine skills with energy.

Bluebird brings together creative people who work in the areas of directing, set design, costume design, make-up and photography.

Our focus is on quality and high standards in cooperation.

There is no work we are afraid of, no challenge we cannot take up and no tasks we are not ready for.

Try us out.

"...there’s a bluebird in my heart that
wants to get out
but I’m too clever, I only let him out
at night sometimes"

Charles Bukowski



At the Pesaro Film Festival will take place premiere of “Non credo in niente” with cinematography of Kacper Zięba

Pride is bursting out of us! Tomorrow at the Pesaro Film Festival will take place premiere of “Non credo in niente” with cinematography of Kacper Zięba. The film by Italian director Alessandro Marzullo tells the story of nocturnal tale of four young adults in a decadent Rome. Romance and brutality, sweetness and suffering, music and silence as they come to realization that the path they took in life has come to a dead-end. Production // Daitona, Flickmates // Lorenzo Lazzarini, Lorenzo Giovenga.

22 June, 2023 read more


The shooting of a new series for Viaplay has started. Rafał Skalski is one of the directors.

Shoot for “Stroke” starring Jacek Poniedziałek has recently started. The series will be available on a streaming platform Viaplay. The idea for the series originated from Paweł Demirski, who, along with Rafał Skalski from bluebird artists and Antonio Galdamez will be directing it. The series contains of 8 episodes following the story of Jacek, a carefree popular culinary programs host. His life will take an unexpected turn by a serious disease. The production will also tackle the subject of the LGBTQ+ community and alternative models of family relationships. It will be a story of a man who lost his good…

17 February, 2023 read more



Another creative duo joined bluebird artists. She is a director and photographer, and he is a director of photography. Dorota and Tom Miko work together as Follow the Rabbit. Dorota and Tomek as a duo directed and shot music videos for such artists as Bovska, Clock Machine, Bitamina, Linia Nocna, Stach Bukowski, Pola Chobot & Adam Baran, Tappahall. “Lew” – a music video they made for Stach Bukowski was nominated for an award in PL Music Video Awards. In commercials they worked for such brands as Castorama, BMW, HP, BNP Paribas Bank, Amazon, and more. They also created campaigns for…

24 January, 2023 read more




Natalia Starowieyska
CEO // artist manager
(+48) 608 098 958

Natalia Starowieyska
CEO // artist manager
(+48) 608 098 958

Zuzanna Tomczyńska
artist manager
(+48) 608 377 883

Agnieszka Franusiak
specjalistka ds. prawa autorskiego

Joanna Cisowska
social media manager


Artist Management Sp. z o.o.

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00-718 Warsaw
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