Bluebird artists’ new achievements

9 February, 2020

This week has been very rich in great news for us. Our artists’ work has been appreciated by being nominated to some very important industry awards, but they also received recognition for their activities in other fields.

Two videos shot by Kacper Zięba made it to the finale of Sport Business Awards for 2019. These are the most prestigious awards for the sport business industry and they will be granted to the winners during the big gala on 18th March. The videos in which Kacper took part were: “We change lives through sport: Adidas x Legia Junior Amp Football” directed by the duo Andiamo and “The glory Years. The year of trial” about KS Toruń directed by Michał Grzelak.

KS Toruń – Rok próby | Kacper Zięba – DoP from bluebird artists on Vimeo.

Olga Czyżykiewicz is not only a crazy talented director, but also oustandingly sensible vocalist and composer. She is now working on her new album, but will need to take a break from this work for one evening, because on 8th of February she will join the jury for the eliminations of this year’s edition of a young talents contest called Stage4YOU. Olga will be judging the performances of musicians who will be fighting for a spot in a finale.

And something from the world of feature film. We finally know the nominees to this year’s Polish Film Awards ORŁY 2020. Among them there is “Mr Jones” which has a chance to win as much as 8 prizes, one of them can be for costumes made by Ola Staszko.

Obywatel Jones – trailer | Ola Staszko – Costume Designer from bluebird artists on Vimeo.

We are extremely proud of our artists and we hope this whole year will be as full of successes as the beginning of it!