Bluebird artists launches Animation&Design section

21 July, 2020

A lot changed recently in bluebird artists. Not only did we welcome some new artists to our roster, but we also decided to open up for some other activities and start to collaborate with the creators from the world of postproduction. Today we reveal the cards and announce the names of the first members of our Animation&Design section: Bartosz Szadurski and creative duo: Hello MONO

“The idea to start this new sectioncame to us a while ago. We thought that there is not many agencies that represent the creators of animations or doing postproduction. Especially in the situation of pandemic we realised how important is the role of those who can create wonders without leaving their homes or studio”. Says Natalia Starowieyska – CEO and artist manager in bluebird artists. ANimation&Design will focus on those who make animations, special effects, TV channels credits, motion and graphic design. Today we get to know the names of the first members of the new section of the agency.

Hello MONO | showreel from bluebird artists on Vimeo.

HelloMONO is a creative duo, who specialize in motion and graphic design – Wojtek Szklarski who is an artistic director and Ola Stolarska – production and communication manager. They combine their experiences from areas like graphic design for TV programs, TV commercials with production, communication and marketing. They have worked for brands like: Audi, Epson, VH1, TVP, FX, Spike TV, ESPN, Nike, Ford, Mercedes, La Liga, NBA, FOX, Hurley, SyFy. Bartosz Szadurski has experience in animation, motion design, video editing and many more branches of postproduction. Bartosz is cooperating with graphic designers and illustrators. His over ten years of experience and following current trends, allowed him to build his own unique style. In his works, Bart is combining his experiences from photography and editing with his passion for music. He has worked for brands like: Adidas, REserved, Canal+, Shell, 4Fun TV and music artists: Dawid Podsiadło, Ten Typ Mes, Bovska, Rasmentalism, Pectus.

Bartosz Szadurski | Motion design – showreel from bluebird artists on Vimeo.