Ludwik Pruszkowski




Director of Photography, graduate from Sorbonne and Łódź Film School Cinematography Department. During his studies he started working with 35mm film by making his first etudes. He cooperated with Caroline Champetier on documentary projects and features as her assistant. As of now he works with Monika Lenczewska in her work on commercial and feature projects.

He speaks Polish, English and French fluently, he often works on international productions in Poland and Paris. He was a DoP in numerous music videos and commercials for such clients as Louis Vuitton, Givenchy and Berluti as well as a short promo movie for T-Mobile New Horizons festival and many short features and documentaries.

Work on international grounds (Korea, Morocco, Iceland, Columbia) and executing the cinematography in diverse locations around the world gave him experience and sensitivity which is essential to bring out emotions in a fast and natural way on both visual and sensual layer.

Video art is his passion as it creates space for experiments and merging old and new forms of visual communication.