Helena Ganjalyan & Bartosz Szpak

Directing Duo



Helena Ganjalyan and Bartosz Szpak are a young, multidisciplinary directing duo. Their film „Me” for the Tyskie brand was awarded the Grand Prix and the 1st Prize in the Branded Stories category in Papaya Young Directors 2020.

For many years they have been working in various creative fields – Helena is a theater director, choreographer and photographer, Bartek writes music and directs audio productions. Conscious use of their collective skill-set as well as shared cinematic language & taste allow them to take a unique perspective on their projects.

Helena is a graduate of the Academy of Theater Arts in Krakow. She treats her fields of activity as a set of interconnected vessels and tries to let the experience and skills acquired in each of them influence one other. She takes interest in detailed examination of analogies in seemingly incompatible areas and looking for the right perspective that can change one’s perception. She is inspired by non-obvious tensions and connections between narrative elements. She tries to activate the viewer’s imagination through original combinations that create new contexts, and thus new meanings.

Bartek graduated from the Film School in Łódź. In all his projects, he tries to look for interesting combinations of styles, juxtapose distant moods and create a narrative vibe. Moving between electronics, field recordings and the raw tones of classic instruments, he creates engaging, intuitive structures. After years of writing music and creating audio series, he perceives many elements of film production through sound – he works with rhythms, rich layers, and harmony.

Their creative process is characterized by attention to detail, thorough planning and searching for the best visual form for the stories told. Their education and many years of acting experience allow them to lead actors in a very precise manner and formulate clear, effective tasks.