Bartosz Szadurski




Bartosz Szadurski is a graduate of Academy of Fine Arts in Wroclaw. He has been working for NC+ / Canal+ Group as a motion designer for four years. Bart was responsible for animation, motion design, video edition, color grading and many more. He finds himself perfectly in a team and also as leading art director.

Bartosz is cooperating with graphic designers and illustrators. His over ten years of experience and following current trends, allowed him to build his own unique style. In his works, Bart is combining his experiences from photography and editing with his passion for music. He has worked for brands like: Adidas, REserved, Canal+, Shell, 4Fun TV and music artists: Dawid Podsiadło, Ten Typ Mes, Bovska, Rasmentalism, Pectus.

He is passionate about drone photography, street photography, music and travelling. Bart constantly develop, currently he is mastering his 3D and postproduction skills.