Antoine Vivas - Denisov



Graduated from Łódź Film School, while also obtaining a degree in Film History and Theory from the University of Łódź.

He spent his youth between Caracas and Moscow. His work as a cinematographer began with short films. Since 2000, after Antoine moved to New York, he has shot several feature movies in the US. In addition to working in America, Antoine also completed several projects in Russia.

He shooted many short films, such as “Nuestra Señora de los Perros”, which was awarded the best short balkan film.

Antoine’s first feature film “Amor en Concreto” which he co-wrote with Franco de Peña and Tomasz Kempski, was the winner for the best original screenplay at the Festival of Latin American Cinema in Huelva, Spain.

Received several international film festival’s awards in Mannheim, Sao Paolo, Greece and Norway.