Bluebird means passion, fresh perspective, talent and experience.

We are an artists management agency. Our artistic collective consists of experienced filmmakers and young talents.

Our recipe is to combine skills with energy.

Bluebird brings together creative people who work in the areas of directing, set design, costume design, make-up and photography.

Our focus is on quality and high standards in cooperation.

There is no work we are afraid of, no challenge we cannot take up and no tasks we are not ready for.

Try us out.

"...there’s a bluebird in my heart that
wants to get out
but I’m too clever, I only let him out
at night sometimes"

Charles Bukowski



Bluebird artists’ new achievements

This week has been very rich in great news for us. Our artists’ work has been appreciated by being nominated to some very important industry awards, but they also received recognition for their activities in other fields. Two videos shot by Kacper Zięba made it to the finale of Sport Business Awards for 2019. These are the most prestigious awards for the sport business industry and they will be granted to the winners during the big gala on 18th March. The videos in which Kacper took part were: “We change lives through sport: Adidas x Legia Junior Amp Football” directed…

9 February, 2020 read more


A feature documentary partly shot by Paweł Labe enters the Oscar run for 2020

A list of 159 documentaries that are submitted for 2019 Oscar race has been announced on 13th of November and a film in which Paweł Labe worked as a camera operator is among them. “My Home India” is a documentary feature directed by Anjali Bhushan, which revisits Indian people contribution in easing the Polish refugee crisis of the late 1930s. The film focuses especially on Kira Banasinska, wife of the Polish Consul General who spearheaded the operations aiming at providing a safe shelters for Poles in India. A film is in co-production with Film Polska, and its Executive Producer is…

20 November, 2019 read more


New video for Dolby directed by Michał Misiński

Michał Misiński directed a promotional campaign spot for Dolby Vision – a technology that offers the pioneer standards of vision. The campaign was done in collaboration with Alexander Semenov – a marine biologist and one of the best deep-sea photographers in the world. The Dolby technology was presented in this 4-minute length video by showing Alexander’s everyday work and its effects. “Thanks to the combination of the documentary scenes, in which our character is getting ready for work, with some real footage of the sea creatures, we were able to capture not only the world that we see every day,…

18 October, 2019 read more




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